Conversation about A Sick Classmate

Speaking Lesson

How are you today guys. In this time I want to invite you to learn English again. Are you ready?

The lesson that we learn in this post is about speaking? You like to practice your speaking skill right? Why we must always our speaking skill is because speaking skill is very important in mastering any language.

Oke, we will learn Conversation about A Sick Classmate.



A: Did you go to school today?

B: Yeah, I went to school today. Were you there?

A: No, I didn’t go, I’ve been sick.

B: That sucks. Did you want the assignments from English class?

A: That would be nice, thank you.

B: No problem, you’re welcome.

A: I will be glad to do the same for you when you’re sick.

B: Well, thank you. I hope to see you at school tomorrow.



A: Have you attended school today?

B: I attended school today. Did you?

A: I wasn’t able to attend school because I was feeling ill.

B: I’m sorry to hear that. Would you like the assignments from English class?

A: I would really appreciate that, thanks.

B: It’s no trouble at all.

A: If you get sick, I’ll return the favor.

B: Thanks. See you at school tomorrow if you feel better.



A: Have you gone to school today?

B: I went to school today. Did you go to school?

A: I couldn’t go to school today, I was sick.

B: That’s horrible. I’d be happy to give you the assignments from English class.

A: Thank you very much, that’s kind of you.

B: Don’t mention it.

A: When you miss a day of school, I’ll be happy to give you the English

B: That is greatly appreciated and I hope you feel well enough to go to school

Okay, that is the speaking lesson today. Keep the spirit to learn English. If you are diligent to practice your English, surely, you will have excellent skill in English.

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