Conversation about Accepting an Invitation to a Party

Speaking Lesson

How are you today guys. In this time I want to invite you to learn English again. Are you ready?

The lesson that we learn in this post is about speaking? You like to practice your speaking skill right? Why we must always our speaking skill is because speaking skill is very important in mastering any language.

Oke, we will learn Conversation about Accepting an Invitation to a Party.



A: Hey, what’s up?

B: Nothing really.

A: I’m throwing a party on Friday.

B: I didn’t realize that.

A: You didn’t?

B: Nobody has told me anything about your party.

A: Did you want to go?

B: When does it start?

A: At 8:00 p.m.

B: I’ll be there.

A: I’d better see you there.

B: Of course.



A: What’s going on with you?

B: Fine. What’s going on with you?

A: I’m having a party this Friday.

B: I had no idea.

A: Is that right?

B: I didn’t hear anything about it.

A: Can you go?

B: What time?

A: It starts at 8 o’clock.

B: I’ll go.

A: I hope that I’ll see you there.

B: No doubt.



A: What’s going on?

B: Not much.

A: This Friday, I’m throwing a party.

B: Oh really? I didn’t know that.

A: Are you serious?

B: I haven’t heard anything about it.

A: Can you make it?

B: What time does it start?

A: The party starts at 8.

B: Yeah, I think I’ll go.

A: Am I going to see you there?

B: You will.

Okay, that is the speaking lesson today. Keep the spirit to learn English. If you are diligent to practice your English, surely, you will have excellent skill in English.

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