Grammar Exercise – Verb Forms


Task No. 157
Do the exercise by choosing the correct answer. This task tests your understanding about Verb; Definition and Example.

If you want to learn about this topic before doing this exercise you can visit :

Verb; Definition and Example

Choose the correct answer of the questions below.

Question 1

I asked your brother to drive us there.

Question 2

We are in the kitchen doing the dishes.

Question 3

I don't think he will guess the answer.

Question 4

He walks to my car with me at night.

Question 5

Have you baked the cookies yet?

Question 6

They have been playing tennis all day.

Question 7

Had they finished before you arrived?

Question 8

He was feeding the dogs.

Question 9

It is a sunny day today.

Question 10

A bird sang to me this morning.

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