Learn the spirit of jihad

Edisi 2016 Majalah

Jihad is not only about fighting to take up arms. Studying religion can also be called jihad. Even some scholars said that jihad with science is more important that with guns, because every jihad is also preceded by a science.
The word of scholars: studying part of jihad . Syeikh Muhammad bin sholih al `utsaimin rohimahullah , say ! “ study is part of jihad in Allah’s way because of this religion can be maintained by two things, the science and war ( jihad ) with weapons.

According to same scholar say, “actually studying is more important than jihad in Allah’s ways with sword, because keeping the syariat is very important. Jihad with weapons can’t be do without science. Taking up arms, setting strategy, spliting ghannimah (spoils of war), can’t be do with science. Knowledge is the base of everything.
As the argument said that the studying is include in jihad is the word of Allah Ta`ala :
Surah Al-furqan ayat 51-52

And if We want, Actually we have send to every countries a messenger (Rasul). So, Don’t you follow kafir people, and do jihad to them using Al-Qur’an with great power

By Erna Indayani

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