First Conditional Sentences – Grammar Exercise 1


Task No. 109
Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Form a First Conditional sentence. Only use the will-future in the main clauses.

This task tests your understanding about Conditional Sentence. If you want to learn about this topic before doing this exercise you can visit :

Conditional Sentence

Fill the blank box to answer the questions.

Question 1

If I (to forget) my essay, the teacher (to give) me a low mark.

Question 2

If I (to have) a temperature, I (to see) the doctor.

Question 3

If you (to eat) a lot of food, you (to get) fat.

Question 4

If we (to go) to London, we (to visit) all the shops.

Question 5

If she (to earn) a lot of money, she (to buy) a flat.

Question 6

If my friends (to come), I (to be) very happy.

Question 7

If they (to go) to the disco, they (to listen) to loud music.

Question 8

If I (to study), I (to pass) the exams.

Question 9

If you (to wait) a minute, I (to ask) my mum.

Question 10

If the weather (to be) good, we (to go) to the beach.

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