Grammar Exercise – Conjunctions


Task No. 183
Do the exercise by choosing the correct answer. This task tests your understanding about Conjunction.

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Choose the correct answer of the questions below.

Question 1

Coordinating conjunctions always come _____ the words or clauses that they join.

Question 2

The words "and", "but" and "so" are often classified as _____ conjunctions.

Question 3

The words "although", "since" and "unless" are examples of common _____ conjunctions.

Question 4

When "and" is used with the last word of a list, a comma is

Question 5

The main job of a conjunction is to _____ two parts of a sentence.

Question 6

Which of the following is a "compound" conjunction?

Question 7

Another word for an independent clause is a

Question 8

The word "although" can be used to join a dependent clause to a

Question 9

Which type of conjunction joins two parts of a sentence that are grammatically equal?

Question 10

A subordinating conjunction comes ________ of a dependent clause.

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