Grammar Exercise – Parts of Speech


Task No. 151
Do the exercise by choosing the correct answer. This task tests your understanding about Parts of Speech in English.

If you want to learn about this topic before doing this exercise you can visit :

Parts of Speech in English

Choose the correct answer of the questions below.

Question 1

If we finish our work quickly we can go to the movies.

Question 2

What did she ask you to do?

Question 3

I left my shoes under the kitchen table.

Question 4

After lunch let's go out for a coffee.

Question 5

Well, I don't think I'll be home before 6.

Question 6

I want to go to a university in the United States.

Question 7

I'm sure I've met your girlfriend before.

Question 8

I bought a beautiful dress at the mall.

Question 9

Andy knocked on the door but nobody answered.

Question 10

On Saturdays I work from nine to five.

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